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Thankyou, and now for life after RWC 2011

Is that a cup in your hands or are you just pleased to see us!So that was the Rugby World Cup 2011!!! The All Blacks emerged as world champs! One point difference is all it takes for one team to be a winner and the other team to come second or as in a two team game,…last!

A huge congrats to the Action Actors who put time in during the RWC 2011 as Auckland Transport Ambassadors, ( Lucia, Ken, Jim, Eoin, Renee, Kate, David, Scott, Isla, Matt, Simon  ), getting to see and experience the buzz from a unique perspective, and earning income at the same time! Well done also to the Action Actors who took the opportunity to work at the DHL kicking simulator on Queens wharf.

The feedback from clients who have had Action Actors working for them to date has been superb, they now know first hand that when they engage short term contract personnel from Action Actors they are working with people who know how to get on with the job at hand and how to perform the task according to the brief. As much as anything the RWC 2011 was a great platform for us to create a soft launch for Action Actors, to learn about the systems we are needing to have in place. Thanks for your patience. It was a very full on time in the office with my Action Actors business partner Anthony and his wonderful crew of Natalie and Debbie working some very full on days to make sure the job got done, not only for Anthonys company PeopleMax who supplied all the Auckland Transport Ambassadors for the duration of RWC 2011, but also for Action Actors as we came on board in the midst of the maelstrom. We will continue to evolve our processes as each job comes in, but we are learning and confident Action Actors is going to be a great company that will provide some superb opportunities for our talented personnel.

As a brief heads up we were recently able to negotiate a rate of $30/hr for a number of our people on a 7 week promotional tasting campaign for a major juice brand. This was negotiated up from $20/hr when the final brief was sited. Action Actors will always look to secure the best return possible for you.

Again thanks to all of you who got straight into the swing of being an Action Actor, I truly believe we will make a real impact in this market, bring on summer!

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