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Action Actors speak


I have contracted with Action Actors for six months and thoroughly enjoyed the work, the people and the variety of assignments on offer! Thank you!” Melissa

I really enjoy the professionalism of the Management team at Action Actors..I also enjoy working different shifts and having the flexibility of working when I want to work, as this allows me to undertake other employment and to attend evening classes” Simon

It’s fantastic being sent job offers, I joined Action Actors and have already had a great job, which of course helps me pay the bills, thanks Action Actors keep them coming ” Becky.

Bruce. This is genius! I am totally joining” –D

This is brilliant… Great idea” –SH

This is a good idea Bruce. Well done mate” –PF


Action Actors, were fantastic to deal with, they were prompt, reliable and helped us cover an unexpected absence.  We are a client focused business so needed someone confident and approachable, quickly!  I’m happy to say Action Actors provided just that.  I would absolutely recommend them. David, Radiate Sound

Will definitely recommend you for your great response time. I sent an email to 7 agencies and only 3 got back to me, with only you looking further for us – APN

Action Actors provided a great service and ultimately the best quality promotions staff for our public promotional event. It was great having actors as they were willing to interact with the public and they were very proactive in promoting the message – Matt Corby, Madant Productions

Thanks Becky, and Madant

It was great to get our first unsolicited request for a quote to have an Action Actor work for a day at a company called Radiate Sound Ltd. The job was also our first request for a Reception/Administration person. It was the kind of job we were not sure if we would be approached about, so it was great to get the approach and also be able to sort out an agreement. A huge thanks to Beck Kuek who secured the job. I saw Becky at a function we both attended a couple of days later and I asked if she would be kind enough to send us a testimonial. This is what Becky sent through in response to her day with Radiate;

“One of the hardest parts of being an actor is finding that balance between maintaining a job that pays the bills, and landing those jobs that fuel our careers. Action Actors offers exactly what every actor needs; flexible, temporary, obligation-free work to help keep the money coming in while we continue to pursue the profession we love. My first job with Action Actors was superb, and the process of booking the role and getting paid was surprisingly straightforward. The best thing about Action Actors, though, is being given that long-awaited feeling of respect and understanding that we so often miss out on as actors. I urge every actor to sign up to Action Actors, because it’s tough enough in this industry without having to worry about a “real job” and that next paycheck.”

Thanks Becky for your generous words and well done on stepping up and doing a great job. I met today with a contact I have about strategies for generating some publicity for Action Actors, so lets see how that goes over the next couple of weeks!, hopefully it translates into job offers starting to flow through the portals!

The photo with this blog shows two Action Actors at the Ellerslie RaceDays, thanks Madant for the work.

Action Actors in action @ Ellerslie RaceDays


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