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Actionactors Goes Fishing for Consumer Magazine Promotion

Monty Fishing on Queen St

ActionActors recently sent our man Monty out ‘urban fishing’ as part of an inventive promotion for the Consumer Magazine; at least it was worth a try. Kitted out with all the right gear and tackle his first attempt was to fish in the storm water drain at the busy intersection of Queen St and Custom St, Central Auckland—of course nothing odd in that really, but an extremely optimistic enterprise, an eye catching one that had many passersby bemused.

Consumer Magazine Catch Phrase

However, having no bites other than being engaged in conversation by curious members of the public, he relocated his efforts to the Water Front—the logic perhaps, closer proximity to the ocean. Here he afforded visiting tourists a curious image to capture on camera.

And being in close proximity to the Harbour Board office it wasn’t long before a thoughtful member of the Harbour Board provided Monty with a guide to the legal limits for the size of his catch… Should he have been successful we would all have been surprised, but the guide would be, ‘Making decisions easy’.

Bemused toursits check out Monty's sanity

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