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Client feedback

Of late we have a had a couple of quite last minute jobs which came up in Wellington. This was great as I have been aware that we have not had a lot of work to offer our temp and casual workers in Wellington, Christchurch or Dunedin. However the most pleasing aspect of the work has been that the client feedback has been superb. David in Wellington took on appearing as a surprise character at a corporate conference and here’s what the client had to say about his efforts;

The “gig” was a roaring success. I cannot speak highly enough of David. His approach from start to finish was absolutely professional, particularly since he could have been entirely blase about the whole thing – it was, afterall, a 10min gig for a corporate. And when the time came to perform he was superb! ” Thanks David.

As much as I have been wanting to focus on the less performance oriented work, I am realising that Brand Ambassadors and Promotions staff are a huge potential for us to promote, so stand by!

Sally Markham, R I P

Many in the performing arts industry of New Zealand will have heard of Sally Markham or somehow been a beneficiary of her tireless work in promoting the performing arts in education (see Markham Arts). Sally was renowned not only in Auckland and NZ but internationally for her ground breaking work in using the performing arts as a tool to inspire thousands of young people from all walks of life, many of whom became not only audiences of the future but practitioners of the highest calibre. Think Massive Theatre Company, Red Leap Theatre, Auckland Theatre Company, The Royal NZ Ballet, the APO etc… Sallys vision and work impacted them all.

Sally Markham

Sally Markham

Early this April Sally succumbed to the cancer that had been part of her journey for the last couple of years. After many years of knowing Sally to say hi to and speak briefly with, it was over the last few weeks I had the privilege of spending some time in her company as she lived out the last days of her life. I have done voluntary work for various organisations for many years, part of keeping myself sane as I try to make a living from the insecurity of acting or from my temp and casual contract work. Mercy Hospice is one of the places I offer my time to, and it was here that I met Sally when she began attending some of the sessions Mercy Hospice host for people with life ending illnesses. We would chat and sometimes just hold hands for a minute or two. All the while I was blown away by Sallys radiance. You could not help notice the cancerous tumour that was gradually taking over her being or her loss of weight and energy, yet Sally continued to shine a blinding light of elegance, grace and love into this world not only through her ever present and stunning smile, but also simply through her presence, her being.

Those of you who spent time with Sally during her time in this realm were blessed to have done so. Thanks Sally, love to your family and loved ones.

Talent to Burn

during the week of 8th April we had a last minute request to supply someone to play the role of new recruit at a conference in Wellington.

David Goldthorpe was offered the gig and by all accounts it was a very successful. I checking out Davids link to his own website I got a little insight into the depth of talent that the personnel on ActionActors books possess. Check out Davids website here, if you were looking to hire a temp or short term  casual worker why would you not want to support someone like David, he deserves to be able to keep aiming for that dream.

We are currently looking for major companies to form approved supplier relationships with.

There are a couple of great reasons retail, hospitality, management and basically any  company would want to have ActionActors as an approved supplier. First of all our people are experienced in the jobs they take on, so you will get a job well done, by someone with personality. The no cost spin off is that  you will be supporting the performing arts of this country by supporting the performing artists.

If you are aware of companies who may be open to an approach from ActionActors or who you feel may wish to approach us regarding short term staffing issues, feel free to put our name out there.


ActionActors – Temp workers on the job in Auckland City

communication ambassador golden mile 3When the Auckland CBD closed down for the Golden Mile event on 1st April,  it was 23 Auckland Transport Ambassadors, made up of personnel from ActionActors and sister company PeopleMax, who worked from 7 am to make sure things ran smoothly on the big day.

Passengers couldn’t believe their luck being directed to their temporary bus stop by none other than Gamling himself, our very own Bruce Hopkins, ActionActors founder and Lord of The Rings Actor.

Some may have spotted other familiar local TV and theatre faces amongst the friendly Communication AmbassadorsB, which were spread throughout the whole city to assist  passengers in getting to the right bus stop.

communication ambassador golden mile 4

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