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ActionActors is a world first unique Temp HR Agency, established to provide clients with a superb resource of 1st class communications & temp staff across a variety of sectors.

In 2011 actor & founder Bruce Hopkins shared his concept for ActionActors with Anthony Hurst. Anthony had an temp employment agency that was about launch into a huge campaign for Auckland Transport supplying transport ambassadors for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. Anthony immediately proposed they join forces & ActionActors was up & running.

While ActionActors now accepts non-actors onto their database they still have a large number of professional actors on board & by virtue of the work income this work generates, ActionActors would have to be one of the largest financial supporters of the performing arts in NZ.

Bruce Hopkins


Gidday thanks for checking in.

Why ActionActors exists

Based on my 40+ yrs experience in the performing arts I knew it would be beneficial for the industry in NZ if there were a company who could source short term contract work for actors trying to pay the bills between acting jobs. I was on the board of Equity NZ, the actors union for over 12yrs & knew that over 95% of actors do not make a living from their acting income. ActionActors allows a number of actors to continue to pursue their dream. Because of the nature of surviving as an actor, many acquire a vast array of experience & skillsets in other industries. They also bring their unique performance skillsets to other work, such as their ability to communicate with confidence.

In NZ numerous companies and organisations sponsor and support the performing arts. By hiring from ActionActors for your short term contract needs, you not only have the opportunity to have a fantastic and talented staff member on your team, you also help support the future of the screen and performing arts industries in NZ.

My background

Graduated from Otago University with a Dip PE, worked as a commercial crayfisherman with my father.

At the age of 22yrs I discovered the world of the performing arts & left commercial fishing and rugby to follow the dream of becoming a professional contemporary dancer. Within a year I achieved that goal & after an 8 yr career as a full time professional dancer in NZ & Australia, with companies such as Limbs Dance Co. I switched from dancing to acting. Along the way to pay the bills & raise 3 kids, I took on work as a professional MC, talkback radio show host, ground announcer at Eden Park, tour guiding, house painting, gardening, production management & the list goes on! I even went back for a season of crayfishing.

I am considered by many folk to be a ‘successful’ actor, however despite some major roles such as the featured role of ‘Gamling’ in two of Peter Jacksons Lord Of The Rings trilogy of films, I had to continue working on part time short term contracts and have always been very grateful to the companies and people who provided the opportunities to contribute & earn income which in turn allowed me to continue to pursue acting.

Again, thanks for stopping by.

Bruce Hopkins

Bruce as Gamling in Lord Of The Rings

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