ActionActors provide the ultimate in skilled personnel for HR & management training programmes with experienced role play actors. We also have an excellent database of experienced promotions & event
staff – with personality plus!

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ActionActors has one of New Zealand’s largest databases of professional actors/performers and is recognised by NZ Actors Agents Association members as providing a complimentary service, generating essential supplementary income to many performing artists in NZ.

With ActionActors personnel not only do you get the job done, you also support New Zealand’s performing arts sector.

Our personnel can communicate with clarity, are versatile, resourceful & focused.

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Our personnel have worked on high-level role-play assignments such as
Air NZ pilot & management training programmes & IRD customer service training. They have also helped launch a variety of products and
services such as major survey campaigns, television programmes, kitchen
appliances and public safety awareness programmes.  Free Quote

When you need people with the ability to really perform, engage with the public or provide that unexpected moment with a flash mob or a random act of kindness, contact ActionActors, we’ve got personnel who really perform! Who knows, one day you may be able to say you once hired NZs next Sam  Neill, Lucy Lawless or Taika Waititi!

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