I am a multipotentialite who thrives on learning and trying new things. I have had so many different short-term contract jobs in so many different fields and different countries, from changing tyres to teaching classical ballet, from B2B sales to helping underprivileged children. I am a passionate and driven fast-learner who cannot wait to take up the next challenge.

Work Skills:

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Languages Spoken:

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Other Skills:

I am fit and active, with a lot of hiking and trekking experience. I love sports, particularly snowboarding. I also know a few different dance styles and languages.


In my most recent theatre gig, a hilarious fantastic comedy that will be performed in Australia next year, I got to play an obnoxious macho male dog (with very visible genitalia) who was kidnapped and locked in a rocket ship pod with a gay robot, a British pig and slightly insane monkey, on their way to colonize Mars. Need I say more?

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