A range of work experience from Butchery hand for 4 years to a year of Bar/Waiter work to a year of Digger Operator.

Work Skills:

, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Other Skills:

Film making/Film editing
Gym/Personal Training
Drag Racing
Ice skating


I have performed with the Hagley Theatre Company for two years performing roles ranging from a Sirgay in “The Drunk” a devious news paper editor trying to take over the town, to Ido in”The Bee” a everyday normal Japaneses business man who comes home to his wife and son held at gun point by a escaped prisoner. So he decides to go to the Prisoners house and hold his family at gun point beginning his slow transformation into a soulless hateful man. I have also founded a Production company called Black Banner Media creating and acting in a range of skits.

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