ActionActor takes out Tropfest 17 award


                   Mary Rose

Have you been one of the fortunate clients of ActionActors who hired Mary Rose Rinaldi for your temp staffing need/promotion/customer service job?
If so congratulations, you helped Mary Rose pay her bills as she pursued her mission of creating an award winning short film.
Mary Rose & her team of creatives just took at the Best Film & Best Actress awards at the 2017 Tropfest film festival
Massive congratulations to you & your team Mary Rose. I have been around long enough to know that many of the film makers who win these awards do in fact go on to have fantastic careers in various forms of screen production.
As 2017 rolls on into it’s 3rd month, yeah that’s right only 10 months till Christams!, ActionActors has a heap of great clients on board and we have just kicked into a really busy period supplying over 20 personnel, all actors, to clients for work in such diverse sectors as hospitality at a wedding, flyer distribution to neighbourhoods affected by major construction projects, survey work with the MoT, NZ Police & Opus International, dusting down the interior of a newly renovated Herne Bay house before it is put on the market. A number of these clients are back for repeat business & we make sure their experience the second time round is as good if not better than the last time.

If you love heading along to shows from time to time the brutal reality is that only a small percentage of your ticket price will end up in an actors wage packet. Hiring temp staff from ActionActors is a fantastic win win, as you will be helping the actors you see on stage, to keep folloeing their dreams.
It’s really gratifying to know that through these jobs many actors will earn extra income to support their pursuit of a career in the performing arts & creative sectors. These clients may well be hiring the next Mary Rose!

StopPress Chat with ActionActors about their work

AMGP - AT - Pedestrian Safety - Green Man Campaign (22)

Who you gonna call?

It was a pleasure to be able to share a bit of what it’s like for actors trying make as much of their living as they can out of acting, with Damien Venuto at StopPress, a very highly read online media industry site.
The article is a good read & brings you up to speed on how the changing media landscape is impacting the people who appear in media product, in particular advertising.
You can check out the article here at StopPress
ActionActors has been chuffed to be the agency of choice for KiwiRail on a couple of recent pedestrian safety awareness campaigns ( not the one in the photo! ). It’s great working with clients on campaigns that you have the potential to save lives. The Auckland trains are electric, so pretty damn quiet & they are more frequent & some people take huge risks to to get to the other side of the track before an oncoming train, crazy stuff.
Tell your mates, your bosses, your family, when they need a temp worker or just someone to serve drinks & food at your next party, they can support the performing arts by hiring those peeps from ActionActors.
Check out this testimonial;
Action Actors provided staff to support our New Network events. The staff were friendly and approachable. They were specifically tasked with engaging the public and some staff even wore costumes as requested by Auckland Transport. They were quite happy mucking in and setting up as well as directing customers to the most appropriate staff member to answer questions. They brought a fun element to the events and engaged with children whilst AT staff spoke to their parents.


Temp agency with sprinkle of stardust via NBR

NBRActionActors was recently mentioned on NBR – click the link below to read the article and listen to the radio broadcast:

Temp agency with sprinkle of stardust

The ultimate Role Play? AA & Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales?

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 11.21.20

You’ve got to love NZs 1 degree of separation!

Huge congratulations to Rosalie van Horik who has been on ActionActors database since 2012. Rosalie who is represented as an actor by The Human Agency has just wrapped shooting on the latest Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales movie as a stunt double for the female lead no less. Clients such as The Port Group, Think Research & The Internet Agency will be able to reflect in Rosalies wonderful success. They are clients who had Rosalie work on various projects from mystery shopping to car pool promotions.

The degree of separation? Human agency is owned by a woman I was in Limbs Dance Company with many years ago, & Rosalie was also the stunt double for NZ best actress award winner Sia Trokenhiem who is also on the ActionActors database.


Congratulations Sia Trokenheim

Huge congratulations to Sia Trokenheim on being awarded Best Actress at the NZ Film awards last weekend. Sia has been on ActionActors database for some time now. She is a great example of a ‘successful’ actor who still requires work between acting jobs, to help pay the bills. A few years ago having known Sia here in NZ, I met her when she was working in hospitality & promotions in Sydney. I happened to meet Sia today as she was out & about, & she just happened to have her Moa in a bag she was carrying.
Again huge congratulations Sia. Who knows maybe Sia will be available for your next job, before she has to go up on stage to pick up an Oscar! You can check out her listing at her acting agency, Kathryn Rawlings, here.


ActionActors are Getting Around!

Jimmy, Yvette & James help launch Spark!

Jimmy, Yvette & James help launch Spark!


What a great few weeks we’ve had. A number of the performing artists who make up the 360+ personnel on ActionActors database have made some nice extra income of late.

We have just come of the back of working with Auckland Transport on a series of public consultations, where our events personnel engaged the public and were able to provide excellent customer support for the busy on site AT staff. When Telecom transitioned to Spark, ActionActors were there to do our bit. When Baileys hosted a large corporate event at Shed 10, 18 ActionActors personnel were involved in character role playing throughout the evening to embellish the setting & atmosphere the client had created. Our promotions experience was utilised for another corporate event held at La Zeppa in Central Auckland. From customer service and call centre work at the EMA, through to a barista for a boutique cafe, ActionActors personnel are generating great feedback.

Thanks Auckland Transport, EMA, WATevents, The Gravity Bureau, Armageddon, Shamrock Cottage, WashDryFold, and others, you are helping sustain the performing arts in NZ.

Congrats Merciana, Mrs Universe NZ 2014

All the best to Merciana Süess, who is about to represent NZ at the Mrs Universe NZ competition. Merciana is one of the superbly talented and able temp personnel on the database of ActionActors.


Want Voice Over Technique?

Whether you are a business person who is interested in voicing your own promotions & marketing material or you’re an actor wanting to brush up on a vital potential income earning skillset, it can often pay to invest in training. My business partner in ActionActors, has a company called AudioFX. It is a professional sound recording studio and they are offering a 5hr workshop next week on the 26th July. You will be tutored by professionals in voice over work/technique. If you are interested check it out at The AudioFX website.


Action Actors promote KiwiRail family event celebrate 150 years on rails the iconic KiwiRail sent an Exhibition Express to 12 destinations all across New Zealand and of course Auckland was one of the stops. What better way to promote the free family fun day at the Parnell train station than with professional Action Actors who know how to  work a crowd and entertain lots of visitors?


action actors kiwirail 2Dressed in subtle stripy crossroad suits and equipped with rocking music, the experienced Action Actor Andy and his People Max Ambassador colleague Andrew got all the attention walking up and down Queen Street and the busy Wynyard Quarter, handing out flyers with more Action Actors and People Max  Ambassadors and informing people about the free fun event. Not to mention all these times when Andy and Andrew were highly sought after for photo opportunities, especially by visiting tourists who were fascinated and impressed by their costumes and high energy promotional skills.


action actors kiwirail 3Thanks to the entertaining qualities of the Action Actor and People Max Amabassadors lots of people, especially young families, got curious and took a wander up to Parnell to have a look at the open day and the Exhibition Express with four themed containers, each of them featuring a fascinating display about the history of rail in New Zealand. After all that fun visitors could take a seat in one of the new comfortable scenic carriages and enjoy some food before trying out one of the other attractions, face painting or the bouncing castle.

Role Play training

an actor acting a cab driver, but is it role play?

an actor acting a cab driver, but is it role play?

I know when I mention role play and promotional work, I’m beginning to sound like the record my Dad loved playing of a brilliant song called Cab Driver, by the Mills Brothers. Dad would dance to it every time it played. When the song was finished he would reach out with his foot and give the stereogram a nudge…the needle would slide back across the record and the song would play again!

My repeating mantra is to do with the fact that ActionActors should be any business or organisations first port of call for the best in role play personnel.

Here’s a link to an annual event produced by Actors Equity Australia, of which NZ is an autonomous branch. It’s called the Casting Hothouse. A bunch of equity members get chosen by ballot to take part in a 2 day workshop with top international casting directors. They work through a number of prepared pieces, supplied by the casting directors, and spend 2 days immersed in this process. I’m aware role play and promotional work are different specimens however I would contend they are of the same species, they all require aspects of performance. So who better to hone these skills, that’s right!, all of our personnel are pursuing acting as a professional habit, if you know what I mean. Some of them can even make a living out of acting, the rest have to do other work. Not only do you get great role play and promotional work talent when you have ActionActors on board, the actors also love it as they are working the muscles they have been trained to use!

Visit us at ActionActors on facebook to keep up with some of the work our personnel undertake.

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