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Spring is sprung! Next in line is summer. With summer comes peak demand on many industry sectors, such as promotions, hospitality, events and retail. Who better for any of these scenarios than a professional actor who can bring to the job their finely tuned communication skills and their ability to turn on the personality to suit the occasion.

One of the key ingredients to a successful event or promotion is planning well ahead of time. It makes sense, if you know you are going to have a need for extra staff in these areas, contacting ActionActors well ahead of time means that when you need to press the go button, everything will be in place to help alleviate the potential stress levels. Even for a smaller gathering at you home, or your business christmas function, the expense of hiring hospitality staff from ActionActors is a great investment. You can get on with hosting your guests, knowing you have workers who perform on board to take care of your guests.



My role play


The light above the entrance to the Viaduct Events Centre

Just finished what I now realise is a form of role play. I have done Corporate & Med School role play jobs, as well as many MCing jobs, over the years. However it was only during my recent gig, MCing a fantastic 3 day-4 night conference, great presentations during the day, excellent trade hall of suppliers etc, brilliant keynote speakers and excellent evening functions, including a huge awards night, that I was aware that I was actually role playing. This was for a Trans-Tasman company. I was contracted through top aussie events company 1E for the Laser Group International Conference 2013.

As an MC I realise I’m essentially doing a form of corporate role play, when its for corporates and businesses, and another form of role play when I MC fund raisers & social events etc.  It made me think of the personnel from our database who have been getting some of the role play work we are being contracted for. It’s so cool to know we have role play work already booked through till October with one of NZs largest travel and tourism companies. Only one person each time but a booking every couple of weeks, and the feedback for ActionActors personnel has been excellent.

At the recent conference I also met and introduced as one of the keynote speakers, the owner of the biggest company of its industry sector in Australia, they have just opened business here in NZ. Networking trans-tasman felt very positive.

Temp workers, casual staff, promotions people, role play personnel, retail workers, hospitality staff etc, it all feels right. ActionActors has some fine marketing experience among its personnels skillsets, maybe I should hire one of our own personnel to do telesales for ActionActors, or maybe I just have to step up my game in marketing ActiuonActors, which I know is going to be a winner of a company in its industry sector.

Role Play links

Just been checking out some sites online with regard the use of corporate role play in business training. It is a very highly regarded aspect of training not only for internal upskilling but also for companies to train their personnel in the areas of promotional marketing, sales promotions, and public relations.

Here is a link to a site with some great reading outlining rules of engagement as it were, for the use of role play for employee training. motivation, team building and development.
Many personnel within companies feel uneasy and out of their comfort zones when having to be the person doing the role play, which is where ActionActors is a fantastic investment for any company embarking on this type of business or corporate training. Our personnel are all professional actors who thrive on this type of work. They require minimal briefing and can produce a consistent result each time, enabling any observes to be able to genuinely assess outcomes for the people being trained, relative to each other.
So for assessment role play, corporate training role play or a basic company role play, who you gona call?… no not ghost busters,… ActionActors, workers who really perform, the perfect solution everytime.

Update; Role Play & Promotions


Time for an update from ActionActors HQ. 

Having been up and running as a stand alone company for just over a year now, we are able to see a definite direction in which we need to focus. Initially I was keen to chase the work in areas like hospitality, retail, gardening etc, however although there have a been a few of these jobs and they have been much appreciated, it is in the realms of promotions, character role playing and corporate role play for training purposes, that the real interest is being shown.

We already have a couple of clients who are using us for their regular role play training with senior executives. We also have a major business association contracting an ActionActor when they require telemarketing. Kind of obvious I guess, actors are a no brainer when it comes to communicationg, be it is a role play scenario or a communications scenario.

I will continue to pursue the other work, we get great feedback for the people who have done gardening, retail and other more standard work, however communications & performance skills are the strong card.

If you have any opportunities to do improvisation and communications classes, I would recommend you have a go. We will look to form a core database of people in these work sectors. If you have not signed up for Anthonys other company PeopleMax, again I recommend you consider it an option. I do work through them when I’m looking at periods of no income, I actually enjoy it, kind of like role playing really!

To finish up here’s what a client just sent in an email to Renee about a job from yesterday;

“Firstly, thanks for organising the actors last night, they were all awesome and followed the brief perfectly, we will definitely be using you (and hopefully those actors) again.”

Here’s a video from a corporate role play company in the UKmain-pane-rp

ActionActors Perform for Transdev to Promote Rail Safety Week

 A helping hand on railway safetySix hundred school children, accompanied by their teachers, descended on the Cloud at Auckland’s waterfront last week for the launch of Rail Safety Week. Not only is a trip away from school an exciting proposition, the Cloud was set up with a variety of interactive games such as Scooter Ville and Presentation Station and competitions – all designed to help kids develop their knowledge and awareness of road and rail safety.

By far the more eye-catching of the ‘events’ was ActionActors
You can't miss these fellas! Jaime and Andy, decked out in their railway crossing costumes, complete with flashing lights and strategically placed warning bells. They were so attractive in their striped outfits that group after group of school children were happy to stand and pose for photographs with these gallant advocates for rail

safety. Performance, promotional and clowning skills came to the fore to help them engage their audience, as they handed out information on the competitions and gave handy hints on answering the questions. It’s a sure bet that many of the kids One to remember bywho were there will remember Jaime and Andy in their imaginatively designed railway crossing outfits the next time they cross a railway line.

The Cloud Rail Safety Week launch had all the major players involved supporting it, Kiwi Rail of course, Chris Cairns, the New Zealand Police, Transdev and our Auckland City Mayor—all to help remind young children that when it comes to railways, “Use your Brain, Tracks are for Trains.”










Client feedback

Of late we have a had a couple of quite last minute jobs which came up in Wellington. This was great as I have been aware that we have not had a lot of work to offer our temp and casual workers in Wellington, Christchurch or Dunedin. However the most pleasing aspect of the work has been that the client feedback has been superb. David in Wellington took on appearing as a surprise character at a corporate conference and here’s what the client had to say about his efforts;

The “gig” was a roaring success. I cannot speak highly enough of David. His approach from start to finish was absolutely professional, particularly since he could have been entirely blase about the whole thing – it was, afterall, a 10min gig for a corporate. And when the time came to perform he was superb! ” Thanks David.

As much as I have been wanting to focus on the less performance oriented work, I am realising that Brand Ambassadors and Promotions staff are a huge potential for us to promote, so stand by!

Sally Markham, R I P

Many in the performing arts industry of New Zealand will have heard of Sally Markham or somehow been a beneficiary of her tireless work in promoting the performing arts in education (see Markham Arts). Sally was renowned not only in Auckland and NZ but internationally for her ground breaking work in using the performing arts as a tool to inspire thousands of young people from all walks of life, many of whom became not only audiences of the future but practitioners of the highest calibre. Think Massive Theatre Company, Red Leap Theatre, Auckland Theatre Company, The Royal NZ Ballet, the APO etc… Sallys vision and work impacted them all.

Sally Markham

Sally Markham

Early this April Sally succumbed to the cancer that had been part of her journey for the last couple of years. After many years of knowing Sally to say hi to and speak briefly with, it was over the last few weeks I had the privilege of spending some time in her company as she lived out the last days of her life. I have done voluntary work for various organisations for many years, part of keeping myself sane as I try to make a living from the insecurity of acting or from my temp and casual contract work. Mercy Hospice is one of the places I offer my time to, and it was here that I met Sally when she began attending some of the sessions Mercy Hospice host for people with life ending illnesses. We would chat and sometimes just hold hands for a minute or two. All the while I was blown away by Sallys radiance. You could not help notice the cancerous tumour that was gradually taking over her being or her loss of weight and energy, yet Sally continued to shine a blinding light of elegance, grace and love into this world not only through her ever present and stunning smile, but also simply through her presence, her being.

Those of you who spent time with Sally during her time in this realm were blessed to have done so. Thanks Sally, love to your family and loved ones.

Talent to Burn

during the week of 8th April we had a last minute request to supply someone to play the role of new recruit at a conference in Wellington.

David Goldthorpe was offered the gig and by all accounts it was a very successful. I checking out Davids link to his own website I got a little insight into the depth of talent that the personnel on ActionActors books possess. Check out Davids website here, if you were looking to hire a temp or short term  casual worker why would you not want to support someone like David, he deserves to be able to keep aiming for that dream.

We are currently looking for major companies to form approved supplier relationships with.

There are a couple of great reasons retail, hospitality, management and basically any  company would want to have ActionActors as an approved supplier. First of all our people are experienced in the jobs they take on, so you will get a job well done, by someone with personality. The no cost spin off is that  you will be supporting the performing arts of this country by supporting the performing artists.

If you are aware of companies who may be open to an approach from ActionActors or who you feel may wish to approach us regarding short term staffing issues, feel free to put our name out there.


ActionActors – Temp workers on the job in Auckland City

communication ambassador golden mile 3When the Auckland CBD closed down for the Golden Mile event on 1st April,  it was 23 Auckland Transport Ambassadors, made up of personnel from ActionActors and sister company PeopleMax, who worked from 7 am to make sure things ran smoothly on the big day.

Passengers couldn’t believe their luck being directed to their temporary bus stop by none other than Gamling himself, our very own Bruce Hopkins, ActionActors founder and Lord of The Rings Actor.

Some may have spotted other familiar local TV and theatre faces amongst the friendly Communication AmbassadorsB, which were spread throughout the whole city to assist  passengers in getting to the right bus stop.

communication ambassador golden mile 4

Actionactors Goes Fishing for Consumer Magazine Promotion

Monty Fishing on Queen St

ActionActors recently sent our man Monty out ‘urban fishing’ as part of an inventive promotion for the Consumer Magazine; at least it was worth a try. Kitted out with all the right gear and tackle his first attempt was to fish in the storm water drain at the busy intersection of Queen St and Custom St, Central Auckland—of course nothing odd in that really, but an extremely optimistic enterprise, an eye catching one that had many passersby bemused.

Consumer Magazine Catch Phrase

However, having no bites other than being engaged in conversation by curious members of the public, he relocated his efforts to the Water Front—the logic perhaps, closer proximity to the ocean. Here he afforded visiting tourists a curious image to capture on camera.

And being in close proximity to the Harbour Board office it wasn’t long before a thoughtful member of the Harbour Board provided Monty with a guide to the legal limits for the size of his catch… Should he have been successful we would all have been surprised, but the guide would be, ‘Making decisions easy’.

Bemused toursits check out Monty's sanity

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