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I am a multipotentialite who thrives on learning and trying new things. I have had so many different short-term contract jobs in so many different fields and different countries, from changing tyres to teaching classical ballet, from B2B sales to helping underprivileged children. I am a passionate and driven fast-learner who cannot wait to take up the next challenge.


I have worked in hospitality back home in Colombia, a few months in Canada and during this year in Auckland. I have worked as a waiter, runner, stocker, pourer and I am well trained to fulfil hospitality duties. I have some experience in accounting and money handling & also in office cleaning.


Multi-tasking, multi-faceted BEING!
I speak 4 foreign languages fluently, produce films, write film scripts, create concepts.
Intuitive Counsellor and Mediator.


I have experience in sales, customer service, retail and childcare.


Hospitality since March 2012. Part time while studying in Wellington for four years, full time over the summers and in Auckland in 2016.

Fundraising for Oxfam for a couple months in 2016. Out on the streets engaging face to face.


Trained actress at Guildford school of acting England. Worked professionally for 7 years in and out of hospitality and event work for companies such as Invisible Events. Confident to use transferable skills from acting in different work environments in role play and front of house roles. Competent waitress/ bar tender and also personal assistant. Very organised and reliable.


A graduate student (MA Communication management) I am an Event manager, a communication manager with mastery in web, press, partnership, event, social, networks, mobile applications.
My french culture will be an asset, as it can bring some creative and different ideas. I am full of dynamism, passion and imagination. Sociability, determination and organization are also a part of my personality.


My experiences as a primary school teacher, working on a cruise ship and in many other exciting short-term jobs has given me a broad range of skills. I am an experienced improviser on stage and in life – I love taking on new challenges and working hard to do a great job.


Jonathan has over 2yrs experience as a lifeguard/swim instructor. As well as managing large groups of children he had to manage the customer safety aspects of the the public pools. In the same capacity he gained experience in chemical testing of the pools, customer service & cash handling. He has qualifications in Excellent Customer Service, Pool LifeGuarding, Swim Instruction & NCEA 3.

Jonathan also has experience in role play promotional work recently playing a zombie in the streets of Wellington for a live promotion for SkyTV


I am a trained nurse. I have worked often in positions where I have had direct communications with the public, both as a receptionist and as a front person for tourist ventures or box office, ushering jobs. I work as a one on one coach for presentation skills and vocal skills for professionals giving papers and presentations, holding meetings and anyone wanting to improve vocal and non vocal technique.

I have been instrumental in developing simulated roleplay work to many organisations,I have an outgoing warm personality and am always up for a challenge.

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