Location: Wellington


I have worked in customer service, promotional work, hospitality, retail and have been acting for over 10 years.


I have been working in mainly Administration roles, The majority of this has been in Accounting. I have had brief spells in Bartending, reception and and retail roles. I have also done some promotional work through bodyFX and some performance work with Weta.


I have worked at Dominos Pizza and McDonalds as a CSR. I was required to clean, make food, answer calls and serve customers.


I am a former US Marine, currently studying film production at Massey University in Wellington. Since the end of my enlistment I have taken jobs as a subcontracted commercial diver, and a ride operator at a theme park in the US. In that time I have also done some work as a freelance videographer/editor, and taken on roles that include: Directing, Producing, Sound Recording, Camera Op, Editing, and other on set work (runner/grip/PA)


I started working life after school in radio working my way through on air broadcasting, audio engineering, administration, management and communications.
I left media to train as an actor in my late 20’s. During my training I worked a lot in hospitality and retail as a character host, event manager, barista and MC.
Also worked infrequently on temp jobs with film crews, data entry, labouring, painting and hospitality.


I am a Wellington-based performer with experience in customer service, administration and legal research.


I worked in a supermarket for 6 years, in multiple departments within the store. I have been working as a presenter for Big Review TV since leaving that job. I have also done casual work covering reception and helping out for events for several different companies. All of this is detailed on my CV.


In the past I have worked as a head waitress in a gourmet catering company, been in management positions in fashion retail and temped as a receptionist. I was a High school classroom teacher specialising in Music, Drama and English and I have now moved into part time itinerant Vocal teaching and private vocal teaching.


I have had a range of jobs and participated in a range of activities that involve direct contact and interaction with diverse groups of people. These include Ushering, Teacher Aiding, Concierge, Back Bar and Retail.


I am a dynamic student with a diverse range of skills. I have experience in hospitality and retail, as a waitress/barista and store consultant respectively. I have been working professionally for 3 years now and am continuing to further my skills in a range of fields.

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