Work Skills: Waiting Staff + Bar Staff + Baristas + Cafe Staff


Experienced in hospitality, sales, retail & aged care.


I have worked extensively in retail. Within retail I have worked as both a sales assistant and have managed a store which involves a lot of administration. I have also worked extensively in hospitality. I have experience waitressing and bartending. I have experience in promotional work, some done via modelling or acting.


I have worked full time in both retail and hospitality and I pride myself in having fantastic customer service. I gain a lot of positive energy talking to people and I enjoy giving people a great experience so they will leave happier than when they came in.

I have worked in very high pressure, fast pace hospitality environments where I need to be able to quickly adapt to environment of the workplace.


Experienced in food preparation & sales. Also worked in retail at Water World Albany along with looking after plants and water features & helping customers set up water pumps, foggers, amp & other electronic devices.


Throughout university I worked for a long time doing gardening work for two different family’s on large sections and am confident in this area. I most recently worked as a wine salesmen and excelled at relating to customers well and was one of the lead sales reps. I also have lots of experience doing advertising installations and things like that. I’ve also done my time in hospo and really do well interacting with people.


A range of work experience from Butchery hand for 4 years to a year of Bar/Waiter work to a year of Digger Operator.


I have had a range of jobs and participated in a range of activities that involve direct contact and interaction with diverse groups of people. These include Ushering, Teacher Aiding, Concierge, Back Bar and Retail.


I have worked in many fields outside of acting. I started in the office, working as a runner, office junior and courier. Have also worked in the hospitality industry as a Bartender, waiter, barista. While overseas, I have worked extensively in events and promotional industry gaining experience as a manager and team leader.


I have worked in many industries, hospitality (bartender and barista), catering (waiter), events manager, marketing, Account Management for advertising companies, telesales and call center.


MC – Advertising – Artist – creative – odd jobs (D.I.Y) – Building – Personal driver to celebs – Camera Op, Direction – musician (Drummer)

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