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an actor acting a cab driver, but is it role play?

an actor acting a cab driver, but is it role play?

I know when I mention role play and promotional work, I’m beginning to sound like the record my Dad loved playing of a brilliant song called Cab Driver, by the Mills Brothers. Dad would dance to it every time it played. When the song was finished he would reach out with his foot and give the stereogram a nudge…the needle would slide back across the record and the song would play again!

My repeating mantra is to do with the fact that ActionActors should be any business or organisations first port of call for the best in role play personnel.

Here’s a link to an annual event produced by Actors Equity Australia, of which NZ is an autonomous branch. It’s called the Casting Hothouse. A bunch of equity members get chosen by ballot to take part in a 2 day workshop with top international casting directors. They work through a number of prepared pieces, supplied by the casting directors, and spend 2 days immersed in this process. I’m aware role play and promotional work are different specimens however I would contend they are of the same species, they all require aspects of performance. So who better to hone these skills, that’s right!, all of our personnel are pursuing acting as a professional habit, if you know what I mean. Some of them can even make a living out of acting, the rest have to do other work. Not only do you get great role play and promotional work talent when you have ActionActors on board, the actors also love it as they are working the muscles they have been trained to use!

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