Rugby World Cup 2011 call to action!

Action Actors Opportunity

As long as Action Actors get enough personnel up and registered in time, we will be in a perfect situation to source opportunities for work throughout the Rugby World Cup 2011 tournament. Here’s what insiders are saying about this opportunity for temp work during the RWC 2011.

There are going to be a plethora of public and private events hosted all over the country, however the major focus will always be in Auckland where 11 games are to be played at the refurbished Eden park, including the major business end of the tournament, the semis and the final.

Action Actors are skilled

Our database, being comprised of actors will be a must view for many businesses etc who are hosting functions. It makes sense that as onsite hosts and hospitality staff, many actors fit the bill perfectly.

A lot of actors work in hospitality roles to pay the bills during their years of training. Many carry on with this type of work once they are qualified and working in the performing arts. They do this to supplement the what for most can be an erratic income stream that is part and parcel of the peforming arts industry.

Actors are superb at leaving their private lives at the gate when they turn up to work, that’s what they have trained to do, act. Should a job require staff to act ‘welcoming’, or to act ‘pleasant’, ‘calm’, ‘helpful’, or to be ambassadors, who better to turn to than Action Actors. This is a group of people who are incredibly multi skilled, who are wonderfully adaptive and who are able to stay focused on the job at hand, they know and are experienced at being the role/part they have to be and doing it within gatherings of  people be they an audience, guests or the paying public.

This article states there will be huge demand for temp workers during RWC 2011.

As they say in the biz, “ break a leg”, lets get this show on the road.

Working for you,

Bruce Hopkins

Armageddon Fan Convention

Some wanna be actors at the Armageddon fan convention

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