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Talkback graveyard styles!

Talkback graveyard styles!

Action Actors, as you maybe aware, is a temp employment agency, sourcing short term contract work utilising a brilliant resource that already exists, that being hundreds of highly motivated actors who are between acting jobs. From the fantastic response we have already had of actors signing up, the skill sets are amazing. Our thoughts had been that the focus would be on promotional, hospitality, administrative, and event production work opportunities. However we are having to revise these as actors inform us of their areas of work experience. With RWC 2011 about to hit it will pay you to take a look at the actors already on our books, you will see that the skill sets are vast.

Here is a small anecdotal glimpse into the world of an Action Actor, and their array of skills & experience. This actor is me and here is what I got up to last week.

My work schedule for last week;

  • I spent 4 days ( Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sat ) driving a 10 tonne curtainsider truck, working for a mate who was moving his 3D printing company to new premises from Grey Lynn to Newton ( in 2010 I invested $3K getting my class 2 & 4 HT licences and my P endorsement to give me other work options as I get older while not owning a home or having a large pool of super funds to live off in later years, a brutal reality for many actors ). I loved driving that beast around the city streets, the very act of reaching up above your head to open the door of the cab, then having to pull yourself up 2 steps to sit in the drivers seat gives you a sense that you are in a totally different world on the road to car drivers. There was a alot of lifting, bloody heavy work etc, but it was earning me money.
  • On Wednesday and Friday I was an actor working with the legendary NZ filmmaker Gaylene Preston, portraying one of the characters involved in the tragic and controversial westcoast Strongman mine explosion of 1967. Needless to say I love acting, finally working with Gaylene was wonderful and although this was not a big money job, it pays better than truck driving, you get fed a damn fine lunch and there’s great espresso coffee available all day.  A little twist being that I had roasted the coffee we were drinking the previous week when I ran another mates roasting business, Santos Coffee Roasting,  while he took a well earned holiday!
  • In my lunch break on thursday, I shot to Stebbings Recording studio to do a voice over for a radio ad.
  • Then to cap the week off I hosted my 5hr overnight talkback show on RadioLIVE.

When I looked back at last week I realised it exemplified the working life of the vast majority of actors, multi skilled, disciplined, eager to work in order to pay the bills and to allow themselves to continue pursuing the passion for performing.

If you are a company owner or business person looking for short term contract staff or temp workers, you will do yourself a favour by contacting Action Actors and checking out what we have to offer, premium personnel!

Coffee Roasting

Coffee Roasting

Talkback graveyard styles!

Talkback graveyard styles!

Rugby World Cup 2011 call to action!

Action Actors Opportunity

As long as Action Actors get enough personnel up and registered in time, we will be in a perfect situation to source opportunities for work throughout the Rugby World Cup 2011 tournament. Here’s what insiders are saying about this opportunity for temp work during the RWC 2011.

There are going to be a plethora of public and private events hosted all over the country, however the major focus will always be in Auckland where 11 games are to be played at the refurbished Eden park, including the major business end of the tournament, the semis and the final.

Action Actors are skilled

Our database, being comprised of actors will be a must view for many businesses etc who are hosting functions. It makes sense that as onsite hosts and hospitality staff, many actors fit the bill perfectly.

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Action Actors, An Idea

It must have been 3-4 years ago I had the idea for a temp agency that sourced short term contract work for actors who were between acting jobs.  When I say acting jobs I mean a paid engagement. Many actors are involved in projects at any given point in time, however a majority of those projects will be unfunded or sponsored and so are driven by the old “doing it for the love of it“.

The harsh reality of the industry, even in the non recessionary times, is that at any given time, well over 90% of actors will be between acting jobs. What gives the reality of being an actor between jobs even more of a twist is that you get a call asking if you can get to an audition in x days time and in order to honor the audition you will be required to spend a number of hours learning dialogue.

Fitting this around a full time job or a steady job can prove difficult. Thus for many actors trying to keep themselves available for auditions etc, short term contracts or regular, but flexible part time jobs are a godsend when they come along.

You may be thinking that it is a difficult time to be starting an employment related business, well contract work or employment is one of the fastest growing sectors, and just check out these stats from the Department of Labour website;

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