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I began working for a Kohanga Reo immersed in Te Reo Maori. After moving to Auckland in early 2016 i began work for a number of positions from Children’s parties, dressing up as spiderman and batman on occasions while doing weekly refugee support work at Mixit Charity out at Corban’s Estate, creating bonds in our 2 our creative classes which involved something different each term, ranging from spoken work practice to dance classes all with proper industry tutors coming in to share their time.


For the past fews years I have been a casual employee with Event Services at the University of Auckland. In this role, I have been exposed to many different work environments including hospitality, logistics, and ceremonial events. From this position I have gained highly valuable skills which can be applied to many areas. I have also had experience working with Theatre Production, Young people as well as animals, these are been both paid and volunteer.


I’ve been a waitress for the last three years switching between part time and full time. I initially was a waitress at woodlands cafe in Gordonton for 2 years, 1 year being part time and the 2nd year being full time. Then I switched to being a part time restaurant waitress at Et-tu Bistro while I’ve been studying acting full time here in Auckland.


I have a service background, law enforcement & amp; teaching experience from Los Angeles. I have worked in public relations and advisory positions in LA for political parties. In NZ I have worked in factories peeling potatoes, pick packing, and as a personal trainer at a cross fit gym in Auckland. I have worked in retail as a manager for a furniture store, and in call centre environments inbound & outbound as a sales person and customer service representative.


I have been employed in hospitality since High school working my way from fast food to restaurants to bars. I have a wide range of experience with different clientele.


I am still a student at Mount Albert Grammar School. But have had a paper round previously.


Many years working in customer service, coupled with some time in event security, have a good understanding of business needs and how they interact with the creative sector. Also, sound sub-editorial skills and able to write copy quickly and clearly.


School teacher.


I carry a strong work ethic into any role that is asked of me. I have worked as a product demonstrator, a cleaner and a retail assistant among other jobs over the past few years. I am punctual, hard working, focused, I work well in a team environment but I am also able to make decisions and become a leader if necessary. I am a real people person with a passion to do well in anything I do.


I have extensive experience as a retail salesman and barista, with strong inter personal, customer service and small business development skills. I am active within the New Zealand events industry, specializing in event planning, coordination and delivery. I am also an aspiring DJ, adaptable to many musical preferences.

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