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Dunedin-based Kate has a Diploma in Theatre Studies as well as a BA in Business Administration from England. As well as theatre skills, Kate also does Stand-Up Comedy.  She is fluent in Chinese and English and has worked in travel and IT.


Ants lives in Wellington and has extensive customer service experience, also telemarketing, bar management and security work.  He has a Diploma in Performing Arts specialising in experimental theatre.  He also has telesales experience and brand ambassador work skills.


Christchurch-based Adam is in his final year at NASDA doing a degree in Musical Theatre.  He also has experience in telesales and bar work, waiting staff and as a barista.  Adam can act, sing and dance plus play the piano and guitar. He can also do acrobatics.


Auckland-based Yvette is a classically-trained singer and guitar player who also has skills as a Presenter, Production Assistant, Script Writer, Event Co-Ordinator plus sales, marketing and retail.  She has a Diploma in Film and Television.  Yvette also has a lot of experience in public speaking.  Yvette also has experience in the hospitality industry plus Web Design, Web Developing and database skills.


Kane is from Auckland, and is good at most sports including  freerunning and basketball.  He has been in multiple productions and has experience  as a brand ambassador, customer service, retail assistant, sales rep and telesales.


Wellington-based Tom is a Human Resources Consultant working in the recruitment process from start to finish, including copywirting, interviewing  and recruiting. He is a qualified proofreader and actor with varied acting experience.  He also has skills in telesales.


Nick is a highly motivated and enthusiastic Auckland Based Actor. He  has taken part in a range of Films and Television Shows Across New Zealand and Australia. Nick has experience in Event Promotions, Fundraising, Merchandising, Retail and Customer Service.  His personal interests include Baseball, Rugby Union, and Writing.




Elizabeth has a wide range of skills ranging from Bar Work, Customer Service, Admin Assistant and Barista  to being a  Brand Ambassador, working in Character Promotions, Event Promotions, Flash Mob Promotions and has been a “Mystery Shopper” as well as having skills in database management and helpdesk support.


Auckland-based Actor Sophia is a well-known Shortland Street face, plus she has experience as a Law Clerk, Kids Entertainer and Receptionist. She also has Hospitality and Barista experience, cold call telemarketing and in-store demonstrations.  Sophia can also play the piano.


Auckland-based Leah has a wealth of experience as a Promotions Supervisor and Trainer, a Promotions Co-ordinator & Key Account Manager. Other key competencies and qualifications held are in sectors such as Customer Service, Retail,  Call Centre work, Admin and Reception. As well as Leahs acting experience she is also a Lifeguard & has certificates in, Tourism, Sales and First Aid.

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